We begin with mutual desire, a sense of purpose and alignment on the question we are trying to answer together. To be successful, we must agree on what success looks like.

Whether we are launching a new brand, rebranding and positioning an existing one, or creating the content for a campaign, the quality of the stories “we” make will be equal to the quality of our relationship. Great work is the product of great collaboration.

To propel your project forward, Intersection Studio combines its core creative expertise—brand and story development—with the talents of professionals in our network in the areas of: strategy, research, graphic design, systems design, web development, filmmaking, marketing, and more. Casting and directing multi-disciplined teams enables us to tap collective intelligence and accelerate the process of getting to insight and action.

What’s in it for you? Intersection Studio will understand your business quickly, see your opportunities and challenges systemically, and build a presence for your brand that motivates engagement and trust.

Brands move on trust. Trust is built on truth. What’s your true story?