Strategy Development and Coaching   open

Brand Strategy and Development   open
The Studio's brand practice employs a robust tool-kit of mental models and frameworks to define, create, and manage the meaning of brands—whole companies, products, services, experiences, or campaigns. Our process can be used to build new brands or to unpack, clarify, redefine, and reposition existing brands.
      Beginning with strategic analysis of self, customers, and competition and working through definition of brand archetype, we audit organizational character drivers, articulate multi-layered value propositions and the desired brand/customer relationship. This work informs brand positioning and target audience definition, which may include account planning and research.
      Deliverables: Brand Identity System—a blueprint articulated in source documents to drive brand management, design, and the execution process / Brand Architecture and Nomenclature / Brand and Product Naming, Brand Positioning / Taglines

Design   open

Organizational Development (OD)   open

Marketing and PR   open