Creating Nature's Fish Store
When we started work with Taku, they were perceived as a fledgling garage-fish smoking operation somewhere in Alaska. But hidden behind the business name— Taku Smokeries—and a rudimentary direct mail catalog that made the company look like a mom-and-pop operation, was a modern, sophisticated, fish processing boutique with all the story assets in place to support an untold brand story and significant differentiation in the marketplace. Their brand is now positioned as Nature's Fish Store, access point to wild Alaska seafood for food lovers all over the United States—a place to buy the fish "I can't find locally."

Strategy \ Brand Strategy, Positioning, and Elaboration \ Naming \ Design \ Logo Development \ Retail Environment Design \ Integrated Direct Marketing Campaign \ Public Relations

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A series of mail order catalogues. Catalogue assets were leveraged to create an online store.

Taku Catalogs