Telling the Story of the Quintessential Story-Telling Organization
On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, after an 18-month research and consulting project exploring the dynamics of its brand, its legacy and potential future, Sundance Institute's management team was faced with telling a story they found very difficult to articulate—its own. Intersection Studio unpacked Sundance's stacks of consulting documents and developed what has come to be the first corporate statement of its identity it has ever produced.

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Sub-brand Creation and Support: Sundance Institute has a robust creative community of alumni—filmmakers, directors, producers, actors, and composers—that had never been organized into a collective for ongoing communication. When the Institute wanted to create an identity capable of motivating creative mavericks to join and get involved, we put out a call for a Posse. Posse is now the official name of its alumni organization. Also shown, a piece for the Institute's Documentary Program used for international marketing.

Sub-brand Creation and Support