In Dog Years, 105 Years Experience in the Music Industry
Whoever said, "Death is easy. Comedy is hard," most likely never designed identities and packaging for the music industry. While the industry was a force in creating the graphic language of contemporary culture, Intersection Studio was there in the funk of the scene where design is emotional improvisation. All kidding aside, we are proud and thankful for our large body of work in music. The industry's openness to innovation has allowed us to explore the outer edges of visualization and type design. Our music work includes positioning individual albums, complete brand applications for lines of releases, multi-CD packages, books, posters, advertising, and promotional materials.

Design \ Identity Development \ Art Direction \ Illustration \ Photography \ Custom Typography, Packaging, and Publishing \ Website Development

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Album Covers: Back when album covers had the presence of Pop Art, each cover was designed to carry the meaning and ethos of the group and its music release.

Album Covers