From Good Wood Rises an Organic Contemporary Furniture Brand
To achieve their exquisite design aesthetic, Environment Furniture uses reclaimed woods that are brought to market through the difficult process of recycling abandoned buildings, most of which are found hidden deep within the jungles of Brazil. Given the authenticity of the product story, the beauty of its design thinking, and sustainable processes used to create the line of furniture, the studio helped carve out a unique positioning in the marketplace: Organic Contemporary Furniture. The visual and verbal identity of the brand brings meaning and depth to the positioning.

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Website: To further flesh out the meaning of the brand's unique Organic Contemporary positioning, the Environment Furniture website takes advantage of life style photography, placing the furniture in settings showing the beauty and simplicity that can be achieved. The website emphasizes the sustainable nature of Environment Furniture's practices from jungle to showroom and puts the company's catalogue online for convenient shopping.

Organica Website