Nine-Figure Capital and Endowment Campaign
Forty-five years into its life, CHOC Children's (aka Children's Hospital of Orange County) finds itself at a tipping point—experiencing hypergrowth (a good thing) yet short on beds and doctors (a challenge). At stake is the strategic transformation of the hospital and its ability to care for two million children that live within its market footprint. The CHOC Foundation turned to Intersection Studio to create a fundraising story substantial enough to raise the consciousness of citizen-leaders and attract philanthropic gifts. To surface the authentic story and create the campaign, we used a documentary approach collaborating with a renowned photojournalist/ doctor/director.

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Website and Film: is the Change CHOC, Change the World campaign microsite providing a web interface for the campaign and a platform to see the documentary film we produced—The Call—along with other rich media. In addition to seeing the film, at the site one can experience the web version of the campaign book and sub-publications, read news updates, and make a donation.

Website & Film