Intersection Studio Develops Comprehensive Campaign for CHOC Children's Nine-Figure Fundraising Efforts
April 7, 2009


Forty-five years into its life, CHOC Children's (aka Children's Hospital of Orange County) finds itself at a tipping point—experiencing hyper-growth (a good thing) yet short on beds and doctors (a challenge). At stake is the strategic transformation of the hospital and its ability to care for two million children that live within its market footprint.
      To address the challenge, the CHOC Foundation turned to Intersection Studio to create a fundraising story substantial enough to raise the consciousness of citizen-leaders and attract major philanthropic gifts. What started with a four-page Word document case statement from the foundation turned into a book, film, website, and training sessions for Foundation gift officers.
      Explains Gasper Patrico, Intersection Studio Director of Brand and Story Development, "We knew going in that this assignment would pull from all the studio's cross-discipline capabilities, but in the end, we would be running a massive change process to help the leadership team at CHOC make its vision tangible and motivational for both internal and external stakeholders."
      To surface the authentic story and create the campaign brand, the studio used a documentary approach. After recording and shooting interviews in the hospital and community, a strategy emerged. Give donors a chance to answer a key question and, in the process, make responsibility for all children in the community personal: Can a Place Love Its Children the Way a Mother Loves Her Child?
      Collaborating with photojournalist/doctor/director, Max Aguilera-Hellweg, the studio's Design Director, Greg Lindy, and Creative Director, Michael Rey, created a suite of materials centered on a book that pulls its readers into an experience. Says Lindy, "After shooting in the hospital I was deeply affected by what we saw. We wanted the book to give the reader the same sense we came to after fully understanding the nature of the work at CHOC." Rey continues, "The book is meant to be an object, like a coffee table book. You may flip through it and read captions, or read it end-to-end, but the affect is that the object brings gravitas to the campaign. It pulls donors into a subtle due diligence process."
      Leslie Rabbit, Director of the Heart Institute at CHOC said, "I just finished reading the book and I am blown away. It is fabulous! There is not a false note in the entire presentation. The way you build the appeal is a masterfully balanced, intellectual, emotional and moral progression toward the only "right" conclusion - to support CHOC Children's."
      Intersection Studio helps leadership teams manage the complex evolving story of their organizations to optimize performance and passion across the entire business system. Working at the nexus of disciplines—strategy, brand, design, organizational development, and marketing—the studio sparks story, combustion, and growth for organizations such as United States Artists, Sundance Institute, CHOC Children's, The Getty, LA Phil, Otis College of Art and Design, KCRW, the Autry National Center, and Public Radio International.

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